Our Mission

Each member of our team is on a mission To make the world of marketing" brighter. We are a"bridge" between modern technology and business. Join us!

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Company Goal

The top goal of the "Power-UP" agency is the development of the client’s business. Every day our team does its best to increase the level of client expertise and boost the profits of the client's business.

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About us in numbers

Our clients become our long time business partners. Your unique product and quality service are only part of the success. We will help you attract the target audience, reach the payback, profitability and market recognition.


Completed projects

Projects from different fields and corners of the globe. Ads in different languages. Advertising account currencies you ever heard about.


Years of experience in marketing

We were engaged in marketing, advertising and the "internet thing" before it became mainstream. We understand how the "agents’" and "clients’" business works. We know the "pain points".


We apply a wide range of tools for traffic attraction and analysis. We are constantly improving the level of expertise in new technologies. We will choose the "recipe" exactly for your needs.

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Team Power-UP

Roman Chernysh


10+ years in marketing

Constantine Chernysh


10+ years in marketing

Vera Sikach-Sergienko

Project Manager

Strategic planning and team work coordination

Natalia Pavlenko

PPC Specialist

Сertified specialist in paid traffic sources

Natalia Bubenko

PPC Specialist

Сertified specialist in paid traffic sources

Sofia Syrotiuk

Account Manager

Performance control, reporting, financial management, communications

Nadia Kozhukhovskaya

Account Manager

Performance control, reporting, financial management, communications

Anna Tymoshenko

Account Manager

Performance control, reporting, financial management, communications

Anna Dudinskaya

PPC Specialist

Сertified specialist in paid traffic sources

Alina Chernysh


Web analytics and work with data

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Cases with our customers

Successful case studies with specific descriptions of step-by-step actions. We talk about the complex application of marketing tools and the achievement of the set goals.

Dinero - online loans. + 30.7% increase in brand ad recall.

The case shows an example of how YouTube advertising affects not just the recall and interest in the brand, but also the growth of search traffic, which, in the end, affects the conversion rate directly.

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Eco-Lavka is a chain of health food stores. Google Merchant Center Sales

The effectiveness of Google Merchant Center in the field of food sales What if I tell you that an online store can get traffic from contextual ads for 0.10 UAH? And this is not a brand campaign! This campaign will be the leader in the number of conversions and the cost of conversions will be lower than the branded campaign :) Interesting? Read our case story  with the Eco-Shop online store!  

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Riviera Villas is a cottage town in the Kiev suburbs. Selling real estate on Instagram.

How to sell real estate property using targeting ads in social media? Can one sell a house via social media advertisements? For those who underestimate the capabilities and audience of Facebook & Instagram, here's how we help sell cottages using targeted advertising on social networks.

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New Economy Business School SUPERLUDIWork with CRM data.

Calculate the return on investment in advertising in the way it should be! How to correctly assess the impact of advertising campaigns on your income? What happens to requests after they get into your CRM? What metrics should a paid traffic channel specialist focus on? Let us answer these questions one by one.  

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HomePark Selling swimming ponds and bio-pools on the Google Display Network

Banner advertising is not just an engagement story. Search for the target audience on Google contextual media network. This is a story about how to look for and find the target audience.

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Farvater.travel Online service for buying tours

BrandLift research measures the growth of brand awareness based on the results of the Youtube ad campaign. Working with a brand is a long-term game.

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Riviera Village +1 way to learn more about TA - user analysis with Client ID

Riviera Village | +1 way to learn more about TA - user analysis. We also track the client's path to conversion!

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Display advertisement for pharmaceutical products

We share our experience of promoting pharmaceutical products on the Internet. The success of the promotion of pharmaceutical products (as well as any other goods and services) on the Internet, depends primarily on a detailed study of the behavior of the target audience, analysis of competitive advantages of products and communication plan development.

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About us say

They say: "If you don't praise yourself, no one will praise." This story is not about us :) We are proud to share our feedback on our work.

Работаем с командой Power-UP уже более 3 лет, очевидно, что успех рекламных кампаний - это налаженная коммуникация маркетолога и агентства. Power-UP всегда на связи,...

Power-UP настоящие профессионалы своего дела, и всегда, как Чип и Дейл, прийдут на помощь! В течение вот уже 3 лет мы регулярно обращаемся к...

Работаем с ребятами из Power-UP уже несколько лет, они быстро вникли в проект и смогли реализовать стратегию по продвижению как через рекламу в  Facebook и ...

В настройке рекламных кампаний мы перепробовали разных специалистов, но еще никто не дал нам такого комплексного подхода, как специалисты Power-Up. У нас большой международный...

Приятно радует подход компании к задачам клиента. Благодаря нашему сотрудничеству эффективность онлайн-рекламы увеличилась в разы и необходимость создания собственного отдела digital-маркетинга отпала.

Що мені дуже подобається в роботі з вами: - ваша щира зацікавленість проектом і рівень занурення - ваша проактивна позиція (наприклад, A/B тестування, експерименти...

С вами мы всегда уверены, что работа, за которую отвечаете вы, будет сделана как надо и вовремя, это о профессионализме. Вы хорошо организованы и...

Ребята сократили в 2 раза стоимость конверсии в контекстной рекламе и это без сокращения количества заказов! Также предложили и эффективно настроили рекламу во всех...

Стоматология очень конкурентная ниша и потратить весь выделенный рекламный бюджет можно очень быстро. Специалисты помогли настроить веб-аналитику и объединить данные с внутренней системой учета....

Наша компания более года сотрудничает с Романом и Константином Черныш. Основными показателями эффективности для нас были: окупаемость, качество и скорость работ. Все три вопроса...

Ребята из Power-UP занимаются платной рекламой в Facebook, Google и Yandex. Сотрудничаем уже 5 месяцев, результатом довольны. Хорошо делают свою работу и оперативно реагируют...

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