12 Key PPC Trends To Watch and Use In 2021

Sunday, September 21

It is extremely important for brands and businesses to remain up-to-date with new trends. By understanding these PPC trends, marketers can make the most of their ad campaigns and provide a better return on investment (ROI). Discover 12 PPC trends and incorporate them into your practices to reach your targeted audience easily and grow your sales.

1. Responsive Search Ads (RSAs)

Responsive search ads expand upon the offerings of a traditional text ad, letting you create an ad with up to 15 headlines and 4 descriptions per ad. Google then automatically tests different combinations and learns which of them performs better.

Responsive search ads can help you create flexible ads, adjust to your customers’ preferences and needs. Hence, your ad campaigns will be more relevant and profitable. With multiple headlines and descriptions, you are able to reach more potential customers and compete in more auctions.

Responsive search ads - Power Up

Image source: creativewebsitemarketing.com

2. PPC Automation

Through the use of PPC automation, you can start generating better conversions, optimizing your ads, and capturing the right traffic by using the data you already have. Using PPC Automation tools, such as Microsoft Digital Marketing Center or Adobe Advertising Cloud can free up your time so that you can focus on other processes.

Here are some other benefits of PPC Automation:

  • PPC automation can manage bidding for you.
  • You can use automation to optimize your ad copy based on data feeds and your website copy.
  • The reports will help you to learn, which ad campaigns perform well, and which should be stopped or optimized.

3. Test Different Ad Platforms

It’s high time for businesses to expand their range of abilities and explore other platforms for the promotion.  Test various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. With a greater variety of ad platforms, there are better chances to succeed, reach your audience, and deliver your message.

4. Harness The Power Of First-Party Data

The way advertisers collect data will change soon, as Google sets limits to protect the personal data of its users. The limitations of using first-party cookies data will make it almost impossible to source data, and determine which advertising channel is effective. That means that you need to think of new ways to access valuable information that will not depend on cookies.

5. Explore New Instagram Opportunities

Instagram is one of the well-paid platforms in 2021. Use the power of this social media to promote your business. Stories are the most popular ad format for now. However, recently Instagram launched Reels, and this new feature with its TikTok alike design is another great way to promote your ads.

Reels is an attractive ad format as it allows people to discover new content on Instagram. Brands of all sizes can take advantage of this new creative feature.

Explore New Instagram Opportunities

6. Say Goodbye to Cookies Data

A new trend that will cause many problems to PPC specialists is a limitation in using cookies data. How can PPC advertisers adjust to new Google restrictions?

Collect first party and second party cookies. Start collecting user data in the CRM system each time people leave a request. It will help you to know exactly what channels lead a person to the site and you can use this data to develop a multi-channel sequence. To collect second-party data, agree with another company and note that the data may be transferred to third parties.

Motivate site visitors to create an account and log in. Then you can save a list of advertising sources that led the user to the site.

7. Focus on Developing Big Picture Strategy

Longtime planning is the key to successfully realizing all your plans and goals. Your PPC strategy should be flexible enough so that you can adjust it to new trends and make the most out of it.

Collect all your PPC strategies utilizing a common theme. Make sure that every single ad and offer is targeted at your audience, those who are or might be interested in your products and services. You should always watch the data and adjust your campaigns to meet the company’s goals.

8. More Targeted Ad Message

In 2021, it’s high time for all marketers to understand their audience and think of them as real people, with their problems and needs, rather than just data on the screen. With this understanding in mind, comes a new PPC trend. Ad Messages should be more targeted and precise.

Before launching your next ad campaign, make sure that your sales copy does not seem like a showing off how cool your products are. Your creative ad message should be targeted to a particular audience, for example, “for professionals/beginners / corporate groups, etc”. And of course, your message should tell people how your products can help them and simplify their lives.

9. Use Ads Data Hub to Measure Ad Campaigns on YouTube

Since Google limited third-party pixels to track the YouTube campaigns, Ads Data Hub became a new essential PPC tool in 2021. Ads Data Hub is an alternative to cookie data that can help YouTube marketers to monitor their campaigns.

With this tool, you can adjust your marketing monitoring approach to your business needs.  Ads Data Hub will help you to understand the effectiveness of your ads across different platforms including YouTube, Google Ads and Display & Video 360.

Ads Data Hub will let you monitor:

  • The session data. It includes users who saw the banner and didn’t click the link in the advertising.
  • Clicks on the links in ads.
  • Online conversions.
  • Confirmed orders from your CRM.

Ads Data Hub - 12 Important PPC Trends To Watch In 2021

Image source: Google blog

10. Great Mobile Experience is Important

Mobile shopping has gained momentum and this trend is staying with us for a long time. Hence, your main goal is to make your website and ads mobile-friendly and provide your potential customers with a pleasant customer journey. Make sure your site is user-friendly and your audience can get to it on any device, particularly on mobile phones.

11. V-Commerce is Having a Moment

Voice shopping, or v-commerce, could be as popular as mobile shopping is today, according to recent survey data from MoffettNathanson. The research tells, that 50% of consumers will be using voice shopping by 2022. This leads us to another trend in PPC: your ad campaigns should be voice-search oriented.

Here is an example of a successful voice-oriented ad:

  • It is mobile friendly
  • It is natural and created in a simple, conversational style (long-tail keywords).
  • It is question-oriented because people ask questions while using voice search.

12. Video Ads is a Key for PPC Marketing Strategy

As video content is getting more and more popular every day, it’s high time to create your next advertisements in video format. Video advertisements will help you get more sales, drive website traffic, build awareness for your business, and reach other goals.

Video Adwords allow you to measure your success and see if you are reaching your target audience. Track your views, PPC, and optimize your ad campaigns to reach the desirable results.


Here you go, 12 effective PPC trends that will help you to elevate your ad campaigns in 2021. Maybe some of them weren’t new to you, but we hope that you will find this blog helpful. Implement these trends into your next ad campaigns and make the most out of them.

Source: ppchero.com

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