5 Tested creative techniques for effective food ads

Sunday, October 21

If you are in the food and restaurant advertising business, then you will be interested to learn about creative techniques that can help make food ads more effective and appealing. Here are 5 techniques from Noël Paasch, creative director of the Creative Works team at Google. She watched online food ads for two years and found out which techniques are getting the most feedback from users.

1. Address all senses

In food video ads, you cannot convey the taste of the product, but you can create an atmosphere where the viewer will experience your product. For example, the crunch of a chocolate chip cookie or the delicate texture of yogurt will help users to imagine your product in all its glory.

Together, the image and sound are more convincing than separately.  Google analysis shows that you can engage both sight and sound to make up for the lack of other sensory details.

2. Depict product texture in detail

Google research has shown that most users watch ads on their phone screens. Therefore, it is important to show your product in detail: its texture, lines, ingredients, etc.  Clear, crisp visuals help to communicate the product benefit quickly.  For example, if this is an advertisement for croissants, you can show a close-up of crispy puff pastry and the delicate filling. Strive to show everything in such a natural way that the viewer sees your product in front of him, smells and tastes it.

3. Present the human side

Noël Paasch assures that the human factor has a positive effect on the effectiveness of video ads. Of course, if the ad is short, it is better to focus on the product. But in longer videos (from 15 seconds), the presence of a person evokes positive feedback from the audience.

For example, a 15-second commercial from the IHop restaurant chain featured three people. It is interesting that they don’t even eat and we do not even see their faces. But the very presence of people in the ad enlivens the video.

The common thought that people should eat in food ads is a stereotype. According to Google data, the effectiveness of ads where the characters eat and those where they do not are basically the same. The human element adds context and makes it easier for the viewer to relate.

4. Brand thoughtfully

If you’re looking to increase your sales lift, the memorability of your brand is as important as the food itself – says Noël. To draw attention to a brand, you need to show it in ads as often as possible. The more often your brand appears in the frame, the more chances that the viewer will remember it.

Try to “fit” the logo organically into different parts of your ad video. Also, it will be great to pronounce the brand name out loud several times, use the slogan, colors and brand symbols.

5. Speak clear

In a world of information overload, people remember very little from the ads they’ve just watched. Most often these are short phrases that simply and clearly describe the product. Keep this in mind when creating your food commercial.

You can describe the product and its ingredients, but be sure to summarize what has been said in a short and succinct phrase. For example, Belvita biscuits are “loaded with energy” and Special K flakes “feeding strength to power your moves”. In this case, it will be nice to support the phrase with evidence. For example, show that active people (athletes, dancers) eat your product to be active during the day.

These 5 techniques will help you show your product in a new way and make it more attractive to viewers. This was proved by a Nielsen study. Advertisements for food, beverages, and restaurants that follow these guidelines increase sales by an average of 31%.

Source: thinkwithgoogle.com

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5 Tested creative techniques for effective food ads

If you are in the food and restaurant advertising business, then you will be interested to learn about creative techniques that can help make food ...


Sunday, October 21

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