8 mistakes that can lead to loss of customers and profit on Black Friday

Sunday, November 21

There are many tips online on how to attract more customers during Black Friday. However, just bringing people to your website and getting them interested in the offer is not enough. You also need to encourage them to finish their journey and make a purchase. Read how not to lose customers after your ads campaign is launched and buyers come to your site.

Mistake #1: Not changing the settings of contextual ads

The worst thing you can do before the Black Friday season is not change the settings of your contextual ads. And here the business makes a lot of mistakes:

  • Launching ads right before Black Friday. Many people start looking for the products they want to buy much earlier. So, make sure you launch the ad campaign soon enough to capture their attention.
  • Don’t allocate an additional budget for Black Friday. At this time, demand and conversion rates are growing in most niches. An additional advertising budget must also be included in the estimate or cost in advance. If you do not allocate an additional budget, you will lose your potential buyers.
  • Forget to add info about sales and discounts into all ads. To cover the larger amount of relevant customers, consider adding info about the Black Friday sales in all ads, including those launched earlier.
  • Never check ads budget and how the campaign goes. During the Black Friday sale, you need to check the ad campaigns and budgets even more often than usual to make sure that you still have enough money to advertise and make changes if needed.

Чорна П'ятниця баннер

Mistake #2: Don’t change calls processing strategy

The “capacity” of a sales department is reduced during Black Friday because more people are calling in. This means that you need to temporarily change the scheme on calls to avoid losing any potential customers. Most companies use cloud telephony with flexible settings to easily accommodate additional workloads.

It is important to set up parallel call forwarding in a virtual PBX so that all or several employees will receive calls simultaneously. This becomes especially necessary if you have previously used so-called sequential redirection. With it, the call comes first to one manager, and if he does not answer, then to another, and so on. On Black Friday, hardly anyone wants to wait long for an answer and better look for the products somewhere else.

Ideally, you should provide your employees with separate sales scripts for Black Friday. What must be written in the script:

  • a clear offer with a discount;
  • wording that matches the messages you use in advertising – to communicate in the same manner;
  • how long the sale lasts;
  • why the customer must use it – for example, there will be no such discounts until the end of the year, you have released a limited line of goods, etc.

You can also check how well the sales managers follow the scripts and whether they are tired of the huge amount of calls. To do this, you can use the mystery shopper technique and listen to audio recordings of calls.

Mistake #3: Fake discounts

There is always a temptation to show your discounts in the most favorable light. For example, exaggerate the size of the discount or describe the details abstractly, but as shocking as possible: “The lowest prices in the country!” “You’ll never find such price elsewhere!!!”, etc. Some companies go even further – raise prices before Black Friday and “reduce” them when Black Friday comes.

Such scams will help you to lose customers and damage your business in no time. First of all, your sales department will be overloaded with calls from people who won’t buy from you. They will be frustrated that you lied in ads and never come back. Then, these frustrated customers can leave negative reviews about your company, which can damage your reputation. And last but not least, if your website is bombarded with traffic, it will not cope with the load and “fall”.

In the end, you’ll lose potential clients, gain a bad reputation, and damage your site. If you don’t want that to happen, just never give false promises.

Mistake #4: To make the client wait a long time for an answer and not to follow up with those who did not wait for your answer

Since it is a Black Friday Sale and you are spending more money on the marketing budget, your main goal is not to lose your clients and not to waste money. But if your sales department is not ready for a flow of calls, this is exactly what gonna happen. People hate waiting and hate to be ignored. If you don’t answer their messages or calls, they will simply find another company where managers respond faster.

Here are 3 ways how you can solve this problem from Elizaveta Omelchenko, marketer of the Ringostat platform:

  • Set up a call queue in the PBX. It will include all customers who called at the same time when managers are busy. You can choose a scenario of calls handlings. For example, the first operator who finished the previous call, the one who did not receive calls for the longest time, and so on.
  • Integrate callback into online application forms on the site. This can be done with the help of a programmer or a special service. Each time someone fills out an application, the callback will automatically recruit a manager and connect with the customer who left the contacts.
  • Adjust the voice menu so that the caller selects the desired department immediately. This will deprive the sales department of appeals that are assigned to the accounting office or the logistics department.

Mistake #5: Ignoring abandoned carts

Abandoned carts are a typical situation for Black Friday. People see many offers, compare and often forget that they were ready to buy. But you can’t miss this sale opportunity. The first thing you need to do before Black Friday comes is to check if your shopping cart works correctly and “remember” the added products.

Then, you should retarget people who abandoned these carts with emails. Send a reminder that a person has added the product to the card but didn’t buy it yet. This trick is especially effective in the first 12 hours after leaving the site. It is better if such a letter is informal and friendly.

To make the offer even more attractive and push the person to the purchase, you can add a special discount and offer free delivery or discount for the next purchase.

Abandoned Cart Retargeting Email

Retargeting really works great since attracting a new customer is always more expensive than converting someone who is already interested.

Mistake #6: Not trying to raise the average bill

People tend to spend more money during Black Friday than they usually do – and often do so impulsively. So this is a great time to raise your average check. You can do this in two ways:

  • upsell – to sell a more expensive product, describing its benefits;
    cross-sell (cross-sell) – to sell related products.

To sell more, you can also set up a display of recommended products and the block “With this often buy ” or “You may also like “; create a blog post listing the best presents for friends, family, etc,  provide free delivery when buying from a certain price, and much more.

Mistake #7: Overestimating your strengths

While focusing on your profits, don’t forget to take into account your resources as well. Otherwise, many things can go wrong:

  • there will be so many calls that managers will not be able to handle them;
  • the site will start to slow down because of huge traffic;
  • the goods in a warehouse will run out;
  • the logistics department will not be able to send orders.

These problems can be avoided if you prepare for a big client flow in advance.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Analyze your peak traffic on Black Friday last year. And learn how you can avoid problems, you had a year ago.
  2. Give your best discount before the peak of Black Friday. So you unload your sales department a little bit.
  3. Analyze how many calls there were last year. If you need more employees to handle the calls, you can outsource salespeople, or engage newcomers in call processing.
  4. Come up with an offer that can replace expired products. For example, order similar items in advance, but from another manufacturer and offer a bonus gift.
    if you are not sure that the logistics department will cope with delivery, you can hire a company or couriers to outsource.

Mistake #8: Forget to analyze and don’t use received data

After Black Friday, you need to collect all the data and analyze it for next year’s ad campaign.

Write down everything that didn’t go well. For example, the product ran out very quickly, managers were slow to answer or miss calls, the budget for the campaign quickly ran out, but did not pay off. All this needs to be sorted out by next year’s ad campaign.

If you created a landing page for the Black Friday ad campaign, don’t forget to close the page from indexing on Google or change the text. This way, you won’t confuse people who are calling to get unavailable discounts.

Use collected data for the next ad campaigns. You need this precious information to launch new campaigns for the upcoming events: Christmas and New Year.

Source: https://sostav.ua/publication/8-pomilok-shcho-mozhut-prizvesti-do-vtrati-pokupts-v-ta-pributku-na-chornu-p-yatnitsyu-90243.html

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