Construction advertising in digital. Step-by-step guide

Tuesday, January 22

The POWER-UP portfolio includes 8 cases of real estate business promotion:

  • Residential complex Obolon Residence
  • Obolon Plaza Residential Complex
  • Lipki life
  • Linden Luxury Residence
  • Riviera Village
  • Green Hills
  • Zenhouse
  • Tivoli

The current (purely subjective) experience of real estate advertising on the internet helped us to draw up a short checklist for the step-by-step online promotion of residential real estate. This checklist will be useful for aspiring marketers in the field.

Let’s go!

1. Website development and trademark registration

When all legal documentation is sorted out and you have already started the construction process, it’s high time to create a website for your business and register a trademark. This can protect you from competitors and fraudsters in the future.

Here are the basic sections of your future site:

– About the developer
– Permits documentation
– LCD infrastructure
– Layouts
– Construction progress
– Construction location
– Promotions
– Contacts

Приклад сайту новобудови Obolon Plaza - Реклама новобудов у digital. Покрокова інструкція. Power Up Blog

Insight: 80% of applications in the real estate niche are from calls. So we recommend adding a phone number to the site header and connecting a callback widget. Looking ahead, if you’ve launched an ad campaign, connect the Ringostat service with dynamic call tracking. The system will determine the source/channel of the call or callback request up to a search request from an advertisement in Google Search, which was used to go to your site and call later.

Key Note: Mobile / adaptive version of the site is a must. 75-85% of all your traffic will be from mobile devices. Hence, if you have a “buggy” or inconvenient mobile version of your site – it’s a big problem!

Social media pages:

At the stage of creating a website, set up official pages on Facebook and Instagram. Otherwise, with the start of construction and advertising campaigns, scammers can create fake pages of your business and competitors can use these pages for black PR.

2. In construction, it all starts with a fence

Brand the fence you use to fence the construction area. We know it’s not about digital, but that’s important too! You will want to write your LCD name, phone number, website and social media.

It may seem obvious, but if you started construction in a populated area, then the largest volume of applications (especially at first) you will receive from people living nearby and passing by.

Insight: from 30 to 45% of buyers of new buildings are people living in the area, a loyal audience of this array, who want to improve their living conditions (new house, more rooms, etc.) or to transport old people, buy children nearby. Therefore you shouldn’t neglect and underestimate this advertising method.

3. Add an object to the LUN portal

This is really a trusted resource with a lot of targeted traffic, visited by the people you are interested in: investors (buyers), realtors. Make sure you’ve added all the necessary info into your profile –  the visualization of the project, photos of the construction location, and documentation.

If you have a modest or incomplete profile of an object on LUN, you do not seem a trusted object that people would want to invest in.

4. Do net neglect paid placements on OLX.

Some young developers are skeptical at first about placing ads on OLX. But this channel works great and leads potential buyers. Regardless of what class your LCD is – economy class or premium class.

5. Use paid traffic channels

We recommend the following channels for advertising real estate online:

Contextual advertising (Google search):

  • for general thematic queries;
  • by the brand of closest competitors (LCD) by radius and by price segment;
  • by brand – for protection

Targeted social media ads

It all depends on the portrait of your target audience. We target the interests / preferences of the potential audience, as well as those who are currently looking for real estate (for themselves or clients). As proof that targeted advertising works even in the premium segment, check out one of our cases of selling a house in Riviera Village (the old name of Riviera Villas) on Instagram.

Visual content plays an essential role, so the services of good designers and photographers should not be neglected.

If the budget allows you to launch a wider reach campaign, then consider adding:

Banner advertising

  • by interests and behavior;
  • along the radius (conventionally 2-3 km from the construction site, to form recognition among the “local”);
  • remarketing (advertising to those who were on the site, visited certain pages, but did not leave a request);
  • broader interests and geo – if the goals are large and budgets allow.

YouTube video ads

Targeting is set up by analogy with a banner ads campaign. But you can also add a target for thematic youtube-channels about real estate and new buildings.

6. PR in the media

7. Radio advertisements and street billboards (if budget allows)

But…. let’s go back to the beginning for a second. Specifically, to the sections about the site and the launch of an advertising campaign on the internet.

At Power Up, we do not recommend you to launch ad campaigns without configured web analytics on your site (Google Analitycs) first. It’s really easy and not expensive action, but it’s mega important! Otherwise, you will not be able to measure the effectiveness and ROI of advertising campaigns. If the website goals are set up incorrectly, the contractor/freelancer will not be able to optimize ad campaigns and will not know which creative or which advertising campaign brings you real customers, and what “drains” the budget …

If you need help with web analytics, please contact us at Power-UP.

I would be grateful for the like and repost if this material was useful to you.

Author: Constantine Chernysh (Co-Founder Power-UP)

Construction advertising in digital. Step-by-step guide

The POWER-UP portfolio includes 8 cases of real estate business promotion: Residential complex Obolon Residence Obolon Plaza Residential Complex Lipki life Linden Luxury Residence Riviera ...


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