Facebook tests the likelihood of a purchase and selects a relevant page

Friday, August 21

Facebook announced new shopping methods on its apps (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp). Now they will become more convenient for both buyers and advertisers.

Today’s updates are part of our ongoing work to make shopping easier on our apps and support a stronger economy for everyone — Facebook Newsroom.

Facebook for years has been a commercial space for many brands. Now the company is moving forward and becoming more convenient and efficient for businesses. Especially for small businesses that have been hit hard by the pandemic. For instance, last year Facebook accelerated the launch of stores (Facebook Shop, Facebook Marketplace) to help companies sell their products online.

Facebook says that the online shopping trend is not a temporary phenomenon, but something that will remain with us even after the pandemic. According to the company data, every third customer prefers online shopping. This brings us to the new world of shopping, where people spend less time buying stuff in malls and stores and prefer online purchasing. Here’s why Facebook continues investing in Shops and is waiving fees for business sellers through June 2022. This will also support the economic recovery and the shift of brands to e-commerce.

Facebook brings Shops to more people

According to Facebook, Shops has over 300 million monthly visits and 1.2 million active stores. Therefore, the company does its best to help people find the right products easily and make purchases faster.

In some countries, Facebook is planning to launch the ability to showcase stores on WhatsApp. Furthermore, in the US, the option to bring items from Shops to the Facebook Marketplace will be available soon. This will help businesses reach over 1 billion people worldwide.

To make shopping not only fast but also successful, Facebook Shops expands ratings and reviews of products on Instagram. These changes will help people make more informed decisions about what to buy. It also is useful for sellers to know if their products are meeting customer expectations.

Personalize shopping with ads

Facebook wants to make the shopping experience as personal as your News Feed. To make this happen, Facebook provides storefront ad solutions that launch unique ads based on your preferences. For example, Fb tests the probability of a purchase and guides buyers to where they are most likely to make a purchase. In the future, the company intends to implement new options to help brands further personalize ads in their stores by offering special offers or promotions to select shoppers.

The introduction of new technologies for the future of shopping

Facebook is investing in augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence technologies. With Instagram’s visual search tools, shoppers can find new products. And with augmented reality, they can visually try on products before purchasing.

Facebook tests the likelihood of a purchase and selects a relevant page - Power Up

Facebook will begin testing a new AI-powered visual search on Instagram this year. The new feature will help people find similar products simply by clicking on the image of the product they like. Visual search will improve shopping mobility by making more Instagram ads shoppable.

Although stores are reopening in many countries, not all shoppers rush to shopping malls. Two-thirds of online shoppers say they would like to be able to try on products virtually from the comfort of their homes. To help shoppers better understand if a product fits before they buy it, Facebook makes it easier for brands to try augmented reality with new API integrations with Modiface and Perfect Corp. New augmented reality tools will automatically show relevant products to people based on their interests.

Facebook тестує ймовірність покупки і підбирає релевантну сторінку

Facebook is also experimenting with live shopping. In March, they launched Live Shopping Fridays. People can tune in to the Live Shopping streams of their favorite brands and learn more about new products, ask questions about a product, and buy it right away.

But the innovations do not end there either, Facebook continues to work to make shopping in its applications more accessible and comfortable for us.

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Sunday, August 21

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