TikTok Introduced New Option: Brand Lift Study

Friday, August 21

TikTok is a fast-developing platform where brands can reach out to their potential clients and engage with them in many creative ways. Platforms’ unique format and high engagement rates are appealing for many advertisers. Hence, more and more brands jump on TikTok to connect with their customers.

What is Brand Lift Study?

To make it easier for brands to measure the success of their advertising campaigns, TikTok introduced Brand Lift Study (BLS).  The new feature will assist advertisers to receive feedback from the audience and measure the performance of their ad campaigns. TikTok’s brand lift studies help to analyze whether a campaign has reached and influenced the users.

TikTok has proved to be a platform with a powerful community that can create viral trends and increases the demand for several products. The aim of TikTok BLS is to provide brands with new approaches to optimizing and studying their ads.

How does it work?

TikTok BLS is immersive, in-feed polling with appealing music and motion graphics. Brands can use TikTok BLS to understand and measure the impact of their campaigns. This will give them in-depth knowledge about user’s awareness, attitudes, and intent. Based on this knowledge, brands can optimize ad campaigns and make them more appealing to their target audience.

TikTok Introduced Brand Lift Study to Measure the Success of Ads Campaigns - Power Up

Kantar, the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company, has become TikTok third-party verification partner of Brand Lift Study.  Nicole Jones, Senior Vice President, Growth & Strategy, Media & Content at Kantar mentioned that, according to their Media Reaction study, TikTok is the platform where consumers have the best advertising experience. Therefore, it is essential for advertisers to have a clear picture of the value of their advertising campaigns on TikTok.  She also mentioned that their partnership with TikTok will help advertisers gain value from their marketing investments.

Utilizing TikTok Brand Lift Study is a great way for the brands to learn more about the communities they care about. This will also be useful in terms of efficient reach out to the brand’s potential customers.  Except that, this feature also helps to make the platform more appealing for new brands.

Source: newsroom.tiktok.com

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