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Construction advertising in digital. Step-by-step guide

The POWER-UP portfolio includes 8 cases of real estate business promotion: Residential complex Obolon Residence Obolon Plaza Residential Complex Lipki life Linden Luxury Residence Riviera ...


Tuesday, January 22

What will consumer spending look like this festive season?

Kantar, the world’s leading data, insights, and consulting company, has revealed a study showcasing how consumers are going to spend money during the 2021 holiday ...


Thursday, December 21

Shutterstock names 4 main colors of 2022

Serenity is the top trend in 2022 - Shutterstock Shutterstock is a US-based company providing stock photography, video, music, and editing tools. Every year analytics ...


Sunday, November 21

The Pandemic Year in Mobile Apps. Research

If you're like most people, mobile apps are a part of your everyday life. Whether it's playing mobile games or chatting with your family and ...


Sunday, November 21

Holiday season shopping trends in 2021- Google Research

The New Year's shopping season has already started. However, according to Google data, it started in the summer for many shoppers. Yes, yes, research by ...


Monday, November 21

Stress pandemic: how to deal with burnout?

When the coronavirus pandemic began, 2.6 billion people were stuck in their homes.  As it turned out, we were not ready for this: neither the ...


Wednesday, November 21

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