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Resurgent Search: Looking for concerts, sports, and in-store shopping

Google Ads Research and Insights team conducted monthly research analyzing what users are searching on Google. The study is aimed to learn consumers' behavior in ...


Sunday, September 21

Why do consumers change brands? Research

Many brands around the world have issues with the loss of customers’ personal information. However, data leakage not always causes the loss of loyal consumers. ...


Sunday, September 21

The difference between Chinese and Western designs in e-commerce

The art director of AliExpress Russia, Alexander Nazarenko, spoke about the main differences between Chinese and Western designs in e-commerce and why Chinese design techniques ...


Friday, September 21

Mobile Gaming Best Practices

The mobile gaming market is growing rapidly. By examining the industry’s trends and adopting them, you can take advantage of this opportunity to increase your ...


Sunday, August 21

TikTok Introduced New Option: Brand Lift Study

TikTok is a fast-developing platform where brands can reach out to their potential clients and engage with them in many creative ways. Platforms' unique format ...


Friday, August 21

Third-Party Cookies Phase Out. What Should We Expect?

In 2023, Google is going to phase out third-party cookies. Why? Because Google cares about the protection of the personal data of its users. But ...


Saturday, July 21

Summer farewell party for COVID-19: analysis of the latest seasonal search trends

The COVID-19 vaccination program has done its job: fear of the virus is gradually disappearing, and in its place comes the desire to leave isolation ...


Tuesday, June 21

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