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5 Tested creative techniques for effective food ads

If you are in the food and restaurant advertising business, then you will be interested to learn about creative techniques that can help make food ...


Sunday, October 21

The difference between Chinese and Western designs in e-commerce

The art director of AliExpress Russia, Alexander Nazarenko, spoke about the main differences between Chinese and Western designs in e-commerce and why Chinese design techniques ...


Friday, September 21

Marketers’ picture of old generation is getting old

Google recently published the results of its annual survey of senior Americans' online behavior. The outcomes show that marketers should forget about the stereotypes that ...


Monday, September 21

12 Key PPC Trends To Watch and Use In 2021

It is extremely important for brands and businesses to remain up-to-date with new trends. By understanding these PPC trends, marketers can make the most of ...


Sunday, September 21

Google updated the cryptocurrency ad policy

Google is changing its ad policy and moderates restrictions concerning cryptocurrency advertising. Since August 3, it is allowed to advertise cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges on ...


Sunday, August 21

Facebook tests the likelihood of a purchase and selects a relevant page

Facebook announced new shopping methods on its apps (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp). Now they will become more convenient for both buyers and advertisers. Today’s updates ...


Friday, August 21

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