Riviera Village +1 way to learn more about TA - user analysis with Client ID

We are not just bringing you lead, we also track the client's path to conversion!

How to analyze customer data for a successful ad launch?

What channel did the client come from, what pages he watched through before, for how long the client stayed on the website before conversion, what he was asking about when called? The client portrait reveals surprising interest! Watch detailed guide with two cases.

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Setting up Client ID parameter

Users do not converse straight after they've seen an ad. With the help of Client ID — a record from a browser cookie, assigned to every user when he/she visits the website, we tracked an entire client's path to conversion: from which channel, campaign, creative / keyword he came for the first time and how much time passed from the contact to conversion.

Call-tracking integration

Integration with a call-tracking system is beneficial for both businesses and digital-agencies. It helps to monitor the quality of a manager's communication with potential client, analyze the campaigns that bring potential clients. Knowing the time of the call, we could listen to the record when the person applied to see the house, and later bought it.

Sherlock Holmes 2.0

In the call-tracking service, you can see the number of the income call. If track this number through the messengers and other programs, one can discover the name of the calling person. We are looking for the info about the person on social media and internet. Discover his/her interests, hobbies, marital status, income level, where he lives and works, where he travels, friends' hobbies, loyalty to competing projects.

Advertising performance optimization

We redistribute budgets from successful campaigns. After analyzing customers' social media, we select targeting in social networks in more detail based on interests, age, social status. To set up campaigns in Google search more efficiently, we add information, important for the target audience, to the ad, adjust bids by geo, and age. There are a lot of options!


The marketing department sent us the data on a successful deal.

We found information about user in Google Analytics using the Client ID.

Then we tracked the time he spent on the site and the steps to conversion.

Integration with the call tracking service helped us to evaluate the call and the client's readiness to purchase.

After, we created a detailed client profile to understand conversion age, location, and interests.

Thus, we were able to better distribute the budget between ad campaigns.

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Riviera Village +1 way to learn more about TA - user analysis with Client ID

Riviera Village | +1 way to learn more about TA - user analysis. We also track the client's path to conversion!

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