Display advertisement for pharmaceutical products

We share our experience of promoting pharmaceutical products on the Internet. The success of the promotion of pharmaceutical products (as well as any other goods and services) on the Internet, depends primarily on a detailed study of the behavior of the target audience, analysis of competitive advantages of products and communication plan development.

MAXEFECT spray with sea salt and zinc is the first zinc nasal spray in Ukraine

The unique composition of MAXEFECT spray has the following properties: strengthens immune system; helps reduce inflammation of the nasal mucosa; moisturizes the nasal mucosa; cleans the nasal cavity; is not addictive and has no restrictions on the duration of use.

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Tasks for a marketing agency

Business tasks

Forming a brand association with appropriate cases where it can be recommended

Ensuring that consumers are aware of the effect of the drug and its unique properties (at least 35% of the target audience in the regions)

A complex approach

Target audience

- Women with families.

- Office workers (25-35 years).

Target audience behavior

After experiencing the first symptoms of the disease (running nose, sore throat), consumers try to find a quick solution to their problem. In case of urgent need, 44% of users make a search query on the Internet, 37% ask for advice from relatives, only 26% - consult a pharmacist, and 21% - go to their local doctor. The most active, in these cases, the Internet is used by audiences aged 25 to 34 years.


- 3 out of 4 nasal spray consumers  choose the product by themselves;

- 2 out of 3 do that when they face the problem;

- Almost every 2nd consumer bases their choice on information from the Internet and the advice of acquaintances and relatives.


We chose Google Display & Video 360 as a tool to perform the task of reaching the target audience.

This tool was chosen for the following reasons:

- Advanced targeting settings;

- Flexible correction of the frequency of communication with the user;

- Quick moderation;

- Ability to analyze the audience with subsequent targeting settings.

Target settings

A. Example of setting up interest-based targeting, targeted on the family audience:

- Travel »Travel Lovers» Family Vacationers

- Lifestyle and hobbies "Family-oriented

- Media & Entertainment »TV Lovers» Family TV Fans

- Media & Entertainment »Movie Lovers» Family Movie Fans

B. Brand security and credibility:

To avoid associating a brand with the content of "questionable" origin, we always exclude categories of such sites from targeting. For example, sites with content in the following categories have been excluded:

- Weapons, Tobacco, Violence, Profanity, Tragedies, Religion, Alcohol, Gambling, and more…

Frequency of communication

There is a lot of research on the required frequency of communication with the user. Our task, on the one hand, is to inform consumers about the availability of the brand's products and increase coverage, and on the other hand - to ensure the memorability of this advertising.

From my own experience, the best strategy for adjusting the frequency of communication is the following:

- Per day: no more than 2 banner displays per user;

- Per week: no more than 4 banner displays per user;

- Per month: No more than 6 banner displays per user.

Advanced targeting settings

In addition to the basic targeting settings, we use many technical settings that play an important role in the work of the advertising campaign. For example, age of target audience, gender, placement sites (exclusion list), placement platforms, impressions in the visible area of ​​the screen, quality of placement platforms, and more.

Reporting and outcome

We use personalized interactive reports in Google Data Studio for all our projects. Such reporting allows the agency to respond quickly to changes in performance, and the client to understand how advertising performs.

maxeffect report

The cost of creatives’ placement has been reduced by optimizing the work of the advertising campaign. This, in turn, allowed to reach more target audiences within the established marketing budget.

The indicators set in the media plan have been achieved!

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Display advertisement for pharmaceutical products

We share our experience of promoting pharmaceutical products on the Internet. The success of the promotion of pharmaceutical products (as well as any other...

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