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BrandLift research measures the growth of brand awareness based on the results of the Youtube ad campaign.

Working with a brand is a long-term game

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Content generation

For the topics of the videos, we chose pain points user faces when buying a tour in an offline agency: wasting time and nerves on traveling to the agency, manually comparing prices for a tour across all operators, paying bank accounts, unnecessary printouts of contracts, vouchers, etc.

Launching a YouTube ad campaign

Our goal was to receive as many responses from unique users as possible within a limited budget. Ad format: TrueView In-Stream which is embedded in the video content and allows to skip after 5 seconds of viewing.

Setting up Google Brand Lift Measurement

BrandLift research is based on A / B testing method. Here’s how it works: users are divided into two groups "Have seen video ads" and "Have not seen video ads". Multiple choice questions are shown for each group after watching videos on YouTube.

Results generation and analysis

The results we received helped us not only to measure the actual growth of brand awareness but also to understand the tasks for improving brand promotion efficiency.


In our case, the ad recall rate showed a growth rate of 27% in 2 weeks. The experimental group that saw the ad once showed an increase in brand name recall by 13.7%. Those who saw the ad 2 and 3 times - by 57%.

Of course, we measured the traffic increase as well. The growth was significant not only for paid (which is obvious) but also for organic site traffic from the search for brand queries. That indicates that users are interested in the brand.

growing brand awareness
organic traffic growth
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Farvater.travel Online service for buying tours

BrandLift research measures the growth of brand awareness based on the results of the Youtube ad campaign. Working with a brand is a long-term...

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